Sheetmetal & Specialty Fabrication

Mechanical Air Systems also offers you the opportunity to have Specialty Fabrication designed at our location.

With an in-house fabrication shop, we are able to turn around specialty sheetmetal, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and others quickly and efficiently.

Your Own Design

Whether it is a simple or complex shaped item our fabrication shop can address your needs. We have made parts for automotive, kitchen remodel purposes, sinks, traps and many more. If you have a design on a piece of paper we can make it for you.

Fast & Efficient

Mechanical Air Systems is able to turn around ductwork requests quickly and efficiently.

On and off-site prefabrication allows for greater cost savings, lower on-site manpower and improved quality. Our pre-fabrication capabilities include a sheet metal fabrication shop in which we can turn around our ductwork requests on any type of notice. We will not only give an accurate estimate but will do it in a timely manner.
When a project is properly thought out there will be no duct work conflicts and material and equipment will be on-site when it is needed. We appropriately go through our projects to fully understand the specs and/or the expectations and possible so there are no disruptions when it comes time for installation of your mechanical system.