Mechanical Air Systems Company recognizes the importance and responsibility to provide a safe work environment, abide by all industry federal, state and local safety regulation standards, and to establish additional safety practices as necessary. All employees will follow, without exception, safe work practices.
It is the policy of the Mechanical Air Systems Company that every employee is entitled to work under the safest possible conditions for the construction industry. Every reasonable effort is made to prevent accidents, maintain a safe work place and provide our employees with safe working and personal protective equipment.

Our Safety Manager is responsible for holding weekly safety meetings along with one monthly safety meeting that is supported by ABC. Our Project Manager visits our jobsites on a weekly basis to monitor our field staff and Lead Men to make sure that proper safety is being used on the jobsite. Management also upholds these beliefs by holding everyone accountable for safety.
Mechanical Air Systems Company monitors all employees to make sure we are routinely evaluating the operation of the program in terms of scope, appropriateness, and effectiveness, including an annual evaluation by our insurance company. We comply with all facilities, industrial or commercial, to meet their safety regulation/standards.